Welcome to Bankers Capital, LLC
Vision Is Our Greatest Asset
Bankers Capital, LLC provides innovative financing and credit enhancement to
growing Micro and Small-Cap Companies worldwide. Our primary focus is to
provide credit enhancement funding through bank instruments for our
corporate clients and real estate
developers. Bankers Capital has direct
access to Bank Instruments which they
will use for credit enhancement purposes.
They will deploy Assets and Bank Instruments to strengthen the financial position of their clients for funding purposes. We work closely with management to design the proper financial structure that will meet all of our Client's financial goals.

Bankers Capital also acts as an asset manager/consultant for domestic and international clients in the placing of Sovereign Debt, Bank Instruments, and Cash with our Investment Partners in Alternative Investment Programs.

A list of services provided by  Bankers Capital, LLC. is as follows:
10% Financing Program
" Bankers Capital is offering immediate financing for Clients who have a 10% down payment of the loan amount of their Project Funding." ( Call today for more Information)

Credit Enhancement

*Credit Enchancement: Bank Instruments /SBLC/BG/LCsc.Bankers Capital has access to Bank Instruments which they use to support their clients balance sheets for the purpose of Credit Enhancement for Project Funding.

Alternative Investments

Bankers Capital works with Clients with Cash Accounts and Bank Instruments for the purposes of establishing Managed Investment Accounts both domestically and internationally.

I have been working with Bankers Capital for several years and their ability to understand and resolve complex financing issue cannot be overstated. Bankers Capital reacts and handles their Clients needs with knowledge and professionalism and has always come up with a solid solution for us...."

- Daniel Bard, President, VM Venture Management Corp.
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